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A particular concept has helped me organize myself and my business and has been critical for managing one of my most precious resources: Using time effectively.

Through careful use of time and the delegation of duties and responsibilities to others, I’ve addressed some of those long-term plans that are essential to my business’s success.

The areas that I’ve reorganized by handing over some of my current tasks and responsibilities to others have allowed me to get more things done.

There were no magic formulas, no instant solutions; instead, I’ve had to do some thinking and analysis. There was no correct answer, but there was a way that works for me that allowed me to spend more time on essential and long-neglected areas.

I identified the specific nature of my problem before I tried to find a solution.
Here’s are some things that helped me identify what was wasting my time:
Keeping a diary or time log for a few days.
Dividing the diary into 15-minute intervals.
Recording all the “interruptions” as they occur, no matter how unimportant or trivial they may seem.
After a few days, I had a good idea of my most costly time wasters. Always remember that our time is valuable, and once it’s gone, it is gone forever.

Surveys have shown that a manager may be interrupted an average of seven times per hour. For an owner, it often is many more times than that!

Some of the most common interruptions and time-wasters are:
Personal phone calls.
Personal emails.
Uninvited visitors.
Unscheduled meetings.
“Fire fighting.”
Personal disorganization.
Lack of delegation.

How can you avoid these interruptions? Each of us must develop practical solutions according to the environment in which we work. The solutions that follow can help you form a personal plan of attack on time wasters.