Privacy Statement

Copiers Extravaganza is committed to providing appropriate protection for our website’s visitors. This Privacy Statement describes our general principles for the collection and use of personal information.

How we use the information we collect from you

In general, our website only collects personal information when visitors submit it to us, such as by completing a request for an information form. For example, users can request information about our services. We will use the information they provide to fill their request, such as determining treatment and client space availability and using the information to match a user with the most appropriate referral service who can field their request.


Our online forms are designed for adults (parents and guardians) to complete. We take the privacy of children’s information very seriously. We do not collect any personally identifiable information about children under age 13 on any of these forms.

IP* addresses

Our website collects and uses IP addresses to administer our website and help diagnose any server issues. We do not tie IP addresses to any personal information that you may submit.

Whom we share information with

We do not share personally identifiable information you provide to us with any other organization for its commercial use unless you consent to that sharing. We will share information whenever we think it is reasonably necessary for law enforcement or other legal purposes, protect our organization, the members of our community, our systems, or as required by Copier Extravaganza for administrative and management purposes.


While no entity can guarantee security, we have reasonable security measures to help prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control.

Copyrights and Use of Materials:

  1. Content: Copyright laws of the United States and other international laws protect the content on our website. Copyright laws prohibit any copying, redistributing, or re-transmitting of any copyright-protected material.
  2. Images: The images on this website are the property of Copier Extravaganza. Unauthorized use, public display, attempt to upload, or alter any images from this server (website) is strictly prohibited. It shall constitute theft, which is punishable by law—Copier Extravaganza,, reserves all rights to the work and images produced by Copier Extravaganza.

Links to other companies’ Web sites

Our website may contain links to other websites maintained by companies that are not affiliates of ours. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites, and we encourage you to use caution when visiting these sites. In particular, we recommend that you view the privacy notice posted on such a site to confirm that the site’s policies are acceptable to you.


We may update this privacy statement at any time. If we do so, we will post the updated message and a summary of any significant changes. If you have any questions about our Privacy Statement or our policies concerning personal information, please email us at the following

* When your web browser or email application requests a web page or email from another computer on the Internet, it automatically gives that computer the address to send the information. It’s called your computer’s “IP address.” (IP stands for “Internet protocol.”) For most users accessing the Internet from a dial-up Internet service provider (ISP), the IP address will be different every time you log on.